Hi!!! I am Kailani and this is my blog.

I am totally horse-crazy (hence the name HorseCrazyKai, though I am also called Selfie Queen. Soon, you may find out why) and I love riding horses, grooming horses and even mucking out their stalls!! Though I don’t have my own horse yet (take the hint pleeeeeease Mum and Dad!!), I take regular riding lessons and volunteer at my local Riding For The Disabled.

I am 11 and have lived on Fraser Island (K’gari) for the last 2 1/2 years with my family (Mum, Dad and 7 year old sister Iluka). Before that we traveled around Australia for ten months.

My previous blog, Kailani’s Island Life, was all about my adventures on Fraser Island and things that happened on Fraser Island (midgem berry season, wild weather and high tides, bush walks and swims etc,.etc) but I feel like what I want to blog about now is different. I want to write not only about my physical adventures but also mental adventures like what I think and feel about certain situations and what it is like to grow up in today’s world, kind of like an online diary.

Besides being totally horse crazy I am a bookworm and mad keen writer (reading and writing mainly about horses though, so they  are kind of similar!!).

So, to end my rambling, I am HorseCrazyKai and welcome to my blog!!


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